About Us

About Us

Tottengram Financial Services is a registered money lender, duly licensed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The company offers personal loans, business loans and financing for discretionary purposes. The company was created to reach out to the largely disadvantaged sectors in Zimbabwe, offering bridging finance.

Tottengram’s microfinance loans are salary based, and start from as low as $20, depending on the client’s capacity to repay. The company’s interest rates are very competitive; mindful of the lower income segments it serves. Through its large branch network, Tottengram has supported many individuals in need of a financial head start, or temporary financial bridge.

The company is sensitive to the challenging economic environment in the country, and endeavors to make positive difference to its clients, as affirmed by its mantra, “a helping hand when you really need it”. Over the past years, the company’s commitment to redefining money lending has attracted a stellar team that further guarantees superior service to its stakeholders.

Tottengram is a good corporate citizen, and conducts its business responsibly; with due regard to regulatory requirements, clients’ needs and community expectations.

Our Vision

To be a highly visible and preferred provider of short term loan solutions in our chosen markets

  • Honesty, sincerity and purity of intention
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency & accuracy
  • Objectivity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Tolerance and
  • Excellence
  • To fight poverty and promote national poverty alleviation initiatives through provision of microfinance to financially distressed individuals.
  • To comply with national legislation and statutes
  • To support national economic programmes
  • To be a gender balanced organisation
  • To be a socially responsible corporate citizen
  • We are committed to our values which govern our conduct and interaction with our esteemed stakeholders.
  • We believe that loans, if properly structured, will enhance people’s lives
  • We seek to eradicate poverty through providing access to alternative and convenient finance
  • We believe in shared vision and unity of purpose in everything we do
  • We regard our clients as partners in business
  • We recognise the need for a fair return to shareholders
  • We nurture human capital, thus creating high levels of competencies
  • We are committed to transparency, professionalism and integrity
  • We regard our employees as our most valuable assets
  • We cherish cultural diversity
  • We are socially responsible corporate citizens
Our History

Tottengram Financial Services was issued with a trading license by the RBZ in August 2011, and commenced operations the same month of the same year. Operations started with just one branch open to the public. The sole business focal area was money lending. After embarking on a growth trajectory, the company grew in leaps and bounds, and now has 38 branches countrywide, anchored by an intricate network of satellite branches. This has enabled the company to achieve broader reach to previously underserviced rural areas.

Since its inception, Tottengram has mainstreamed gender diversity both at the higher and the lower staffing levels, using a 60% to 40% recruitment ratio for women and men respectively.

Our Customers